CRibet: Blog en-us (C) CRibet (CRibet) Sat, 09 Feb 2013 10:09:00 GMT Sat, 09 Feb 2013 10:09:00 GMT CRibet: Blog 102 120 Dewscape Complex 009 Print Types Dewscape Complex 009 1071ccDewscape Complex 009 1071cc

A C Ribet Mizzlescape or Dewscape (previously orbscapes) of plant leaves and water in close up view.

I now have the 8x10 of this as a Gallery Standout, Gallery Wrapped Print, Aluminum Print and various 8x10 prints from the print house to explore paper types and coatings as well as presentations. I can say that on the Metallic Papers this image really pops with an almost holographic feel. The Lustre Coating and Metallic Papers make an excellent choice for this image. The Aluminum Print is very very bright as well and presents very well. All three of these frameless methods of presentation impress me.

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New Fine Art Coupon Promotional Code for Alien Spaces Dewscape Abstract Planetary 006 9021yx2Dewscape Abstract Planetary 006 9021yx2



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C Ribet Mushroom Art Website Live C Ribet Mushrooms From The FlamesC Ribet Mushrooms From The Flames

This image is one in the C Ribet mushroom and fungi art print series - mushrooms and fungi of the Santa Cruz mountains of Northern California (and a few from Wisconsin).


The first iteration of the mushroom art subdomain of ( has just gone live with an exclusive focus on the mushroom and fungi art photography of C Ribet only - visit the main C Ribet Zenfolio gallery for the abstract photography of Dewscapes and Mizzlescapes. The new mushroom art photography pages explain the thinking and exploration that goes behind the images and the snuffling about in the duff that is required to obtain wild mushroom picture and photographs of quality.

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Never done artificial colors, but is it wrong to not do so? Dewscape Abstract Landscape 010 7303Dewscape Abstract Landscape 010 7303

A C Ribet Mizzlescape or Dewscape (previously orbscapes) of plant leaves and water in close up view.


I have seen quite a few artists who offer the same images in different colors by modifying photographs after the fact. I have yet to do it myself, but would it be a good thing. Turn this image purple? Blue? There are colors that I rarely encounter (such as purples). There are lots of reds, yellows, browns in the dead and decaying leaf litter. I have no shortage of those, but rarely any blues, purples and the like...

I went from fungus and mushroom photography to doing these extreme macro photographs on dead and decaying plant materials which gives a wide variety of textures and colors, but I have yet to stray from the colors presented in the natural image.

I have on quite a few occasions as shows and such been asked by people if I have this or that piece in another color, or if I have such and such a color. I think that often if people like a given form or image, they may like it for the shape and textures and be extra happy if it matches their decor - even if the artist did not originally capture that particular color. I wonder if this is something to consider...

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Fine art coupons and fine art promotional codes Dewscape Defined Soft 024 9853caDewscape Defined Soft 024 9853ca

Check out the new fine art coupons page for new discounts and fine art promotional codes giving things like free shipping, discounts for your entire order, or special coupons for certain products of packages.

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New Surprise Me Gallery pulls a random photograph to jump to... C Ribet Orchid 7798C Ribet Orchid 7798

This is one of the many orchids in the C Ribet exotic orchid collections. 


I've stolen the Surprise Me! page from to pull a random page from a short list of the pages here when you visit the Surprise Me! gallery from the Gallery pulldown menu.


More pages may get added in the future to increase variety!



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How to Configure Cropping (or lack thereof) for Oddsized Prints Dewscape Abstract Planetary 016 9051caDewscape Abstract Planetary 016 9051ca


It took me a while to understand the way the Zenfolio system works for positioning the photographic image on the paper during the order process for a print (the same applies to any print process, Canvas Gallery Wrap, Fine Art Print, etc). At first it seemed that there were no sizes that matched many of my images. I was worried, but once I figured out the system I saw there was not a problem. I have posted at website an explanation and a few examples of the process of selecting an image and configuring the image for printing on a selected paper size.

When I first started out doing my own printing, framing and matting, I tried very hard to standardize my final print sizes and image aspect ratios to fit what were the most common sizes of prints, mats and frames. This kept costs low and made a lot of thing simpler than otherwise. It worked well when I was primarily doing Caliifornia Landscapes and even the mushroom and fungus photography, because most all of those photographs I could frame very well in the viewfinder of the SLR (as I learned photography back in the days of film). It all just worked out, because photograph aspect ratios for full frame film negatives effectively defined the 'standard' photo aspect ratio and hence the mat window dimensions with the framing following on in turn.

That was all well and good for a long time,, and I continued to work this way initially when I started to do more abstract work in the dewscapes / mizzlescapes genre I was inventing. However, as I started to create more abstract and unconventional photographs,.eventually I felt very stifled to be forcing my ideas into the bounds of the standard 8x10, 11x14 and 6x9 dimensions that I had used previously. As I was doing all my own printing, matting and framing, while it was more labor intensive and cost more, it was possible to ignore those restraints. So I did. I have been very happy since then.

The result however, is that this makes it a little less than obvious sometimes how to use the Zenfolio configuration tool for arranging any given image on a virtual piece of paper so the printer knows how to print it.

The examples help to explain the work around this apparent problem. In hindsight, it seems more obvious to me now, but at first this was not clear at all how to use the drag and drop and sizing rectangles to make things work!


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The best Fine Art Papers are used for the Fine Art Prints Lion Closeup Rt 1314Lion Closeup Rt 1314

One of the many benefits of moving to the Zenfolio gallery for open editions is that the print provider who prints the fine art prints here is of the highest quality, and making me most happy is the fact that they print using one of my most favorite papers for my own printing of C Ribet limited editions. This fine art museum quality heavy weight watercolor board paper is Hahnemuhle's German Etching Board 310. I have used it for many many years myself and it is an absolutely superb fine art paper. The only caveat is that after printing the surface is delicate and the print should be handled with care before framing. That has me worried a bit when I was going to use a 3rd party to handle the printing on this kind of paper, until I heard from the company on how they pack and ship the final print. There is no 'roll it up and stuff it in a tube' process here! They pack it with a protective non abrasive sheet over the delicate paper surface (how I store my own limited edition prints on this paper), and then pad that, and finally sandwich between boards. This is the kind of treatment a real fine art print deserves, and that is what they give it.

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C Ribet Mushrooms C Ribet Mushrooms 5301C Ribet Mushrooms 5301

This image is one in the C Ribet mushroom and fungi art print series - mushrooms and fungi of the Santa Cruz mountains of Northern California (and a few from Wisconsin). It's part of the new postings of mushroom and fungi images.

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California Oak Trees of Pacheco California Oak Trees 1620 8648California Oak Trees 1620 8648

I've now put up the first selection of California oak tree pictures taken in Pacheco park, CA on an absolutely perfect day for capturing the hills receding into the mist. It took some hiking and enduring periodic rather cold rain, but was worth it as the conditions were perfect for capturing the hillsides fading away...

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Alien worlds Dewscape Abstract Planetary 009 9030ccDewscape Abstract Planetary 009 9030cc

I have posted a series of new rain drop / dew drop images with a very sci-fi alien world feel to them. The image for this blog entry is one of them. While they are all macro water photographs, they are extremely abstract images and conjure an alien feeling. These are different from some of the more contemplative orbscapes I have posted before. Enjoy.

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Sig Sauer P220 Sig Sauer P220Sig Sauer P220


I've been posting Sig Sauer P220 art which mostly mirrors the black and white metallic colors of the P220, but I have repeated requests for more color variety in the art prints. I can't paint the Sig pink, but I can provide colors as context based on the background to the gun. I've put up a couple of variations today. The photo for this blog entry is one bathed in red, and with a different perspective looking down the sights. The colors not only help with 'decor' for those to whom that matters, but also set the mood in a different way from the straight black and white images.


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Orchids appearing now... C Ribet Orchid 7771C Ribet Orchid 7771

This is one of the many orchids in the C Ribet exotic orchid collections. I am posting a selection of orchid photographs from a while back where I had the chance to visit a grower of some very exotic varieties of orchids.

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Porthos the Bulldog Porthos the Bulldog 1521Porthos the Bulldog 1521

This is Porthos the Bulldog. He suggested the keywords - and he did a pretty good job too... Porthos did not want to have the lions getting all the attention, so he asked to have a blog entry as well. He is a little older than this photo, but he said I could use it anyway.

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Lions Lion Closeup Rt 1344Lion Closeup Rt 1344

African wildlife (lions, wildebeast). I have posted a few photographs from Africa of African lions. You can tell the male (not the one in this image) has been in a lot of fighting from the battle scars all across his face!

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California Oak Trees Now Live California Oak Trees 21 8817 California Oak Trees 2016 8831California Oak Trees 11 9522


A C Ribet portrait of California oak trees and hillside vistas.

Here is one of the new California oak tree photographs just posted to the new California Oak trees gallery. This one and others in the Pacheco series is from Pacheco Park area of California (over quite a few fences and after a long hike).


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Mushrooms and Fungi and more in process PC131398 G4 Forest Caress9kC Ribet Mushrooms Forest Caress

I will soon start to post some Mushroom and Fungi art, and then other more traditional photography I also do of California oaks and landscapes and various other less abstract objects. Here is a teaser image of some mushrooms growing in the redwood forest duff in the Santa Cruz mountains of California.

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Login or Register and save your Favorites Sig Sauer P220Sig Sauer P220

Did you know that the 'login' or 'register' option is for YOU not for me! It allows you as someone browsing this site to be able to save any images to a basket of favorites and then come back and have them remembered for you. It is not the same as the shopping cart, as it has nothing to do with purchasing - although you can later purchase favorites just as usual.

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Metal Prints available for most pieces Dewscape Delicate Soft 017 0513Dewscape Delicate Soft 017 0513

I have added the option where possible of metal prints. These are prints where the image is directly on metal, and there is no need or expense of framing. Pretty spectacular modern printing technology is at work here...

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Square and Squarish Dewscape Defined Soft 056 8914Dewscape Defined Soft 056 8914

Along with the new Tall or Wide collection, there is now a collection devoted entirely to square (exact squares) or squarish (not quite exact squares) images for those that need that kind of square feeling on their wall. A lot of these present really well as square canvas wall art...

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